New golden bags and boxes soon will be available in the game!

Dear players!
In the future update of the game we will add the new golden bags and boxes instead of some old ones.
The main feature of the new bags and boxes is that it now are thematic. Previously, when you were buying one of the bags, you could get a completely different, non-interacting objects - machine guns, medicines, coupons for a way out of the prison and artifacts. Now the set of the bag or box will be limited to a single characteristic. For example, if you only need a weapon, you can buy one box - "Box of military warehouse." Or, if you want a guaranteed first-aid kits and injectors, then you just need to buy medical set.
The contents of the bags and boxes will become more diverse: boxes of weapons will have a chance of drop for the AKMS, SCD and the SVD.
The pricing policy of these sets has also been revised. There will be a cheap bags, and bags for the price comparable to the cost of old ones.
New bags and boxes you can buy from merchants in the "Goods for the gold" section. Merchants-gunsmiths sells themed weapons boxes. Medical kits will be available from doctors and buyers, and radio bag will be available from hawker, who appears in the game with the update. Knapsack and equipment you can buy from merchants who sell items.
Stalkers, who wants to buy some stuff from the old bags need to hurry up with their purchase. Updates will be released soon.

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