Patch from February 1st, 2017


With this update the new golden bags and boxes will be added into the game instead of some old ones.
The main feature of the new bags and boxes is that it now are thematic. Previously, when you were buying one of the bags, you could get a completely different, non-interacting objects - machine guns, medicines, coupons for a way out of the prison and artifacts. Now the set of the bag or box will be limited to a single characteristic. For example, if you only need a weapon, you can buy one box - "Box of military warehouse." Or, if you want a guaranteed first-aid kits and injectors, then you just need to buy medical set.
The contents of the bags and boxes will become more diverse: boxes of weapons will have a chance of drop for the AKMS, VCC and the SVD.
The pricing policy of these sets has also been revised. There will be a cheap bags, and bags for the price comparable to the cost of old ones. New bags and boxes you can buy from merchants in the "Goods for the gold" section. Merchants-gunsmiths sells themed weapons boxes. Medical kits will be available from doctors and buyers, and radio bag will be available from hawker, who appears in the game with the update. Knapsack and equipment you can buy from merchants who sell items.


New Year Stalker has left New Earth. The entrance to the N city is closed until the next New Year. Prices for the services of the conductors to the New Earth and got back to the old values.
  • the principle of daily quests was changed. Now the time for re-capture is calculated not from the moment of delivery of the quest, but after receiving it (be careful: if you will cancel the quest immediately after taking in, you won’t be able to take it until some time is expired);
  • the quest "Four People" was changed due to the fact that some players had problems with its passing. Anyone who took it before the upgrade need to cancel it and take it over;
  • the requirements of artifacts for the quest "Looking for Something" was changed;
  • rewards for all variants of delivery of the quest "To the hell and back" was rebalanced;
  • "Slugs termination" competition was added on Tunguska with a substantial reward associated with the quest Corkscrew "Slippery Slope". Conditions and awards of the quest has been changed (you may need to cancel and re-take it to make it work properly); also the time to re-quest for "Wheel" was changed;
  • the local with nickname "Belyash" takes puppy's head in any amount for taken quests (but don’t give a new quest for some time, if the supply plan is exceeded);
  • the competition "Best hunter" was modified. It now includes a dozen quests, chosen randomly which vary in terms of complexity and size of the award. The ability to obtain them is dependent, inter alia, on the level and skills. As before, the first three winners will receive a substantial prize;
  • first hawker has appeared in the Zone. He is trying to sell the old military radio stations as parts. You can meet him at different time and in different places, usually near the NPC, who are interested in the item parts;
  • a common mistake with the delivery of the artifacts from quests (using containers) when they appeared in the log as collected, but the NPC did not want to take them was fixed;
  • reward for the quest "Krasnov's Recommendations" was fixed;
  • dialogues with Voronin in the quest "Engine of science: "Missing scientist"" was fixed;
  • handling of dialogues among Expert for clean reputation was fixed;
  • description of Shperling recommendations was fixed;
  • a presence of repetitive dialogue for NPC Professor Schleimovich was fixed;
  • quest description for "Microchips for Vetrichenko" (it should be 2 items instead of 1) was fixed;
  • the lack of localization of some dialogues of groups warehouses was fixed.


  • the speed of the stones was increased (now it will be difficult to catch up with the stone);
  • the weight of the machine gun HK-G36C was changed;
  • the description of fault tolerance of some things was changed. Previously, some things had different fault tolerance, however, the description was displaying it as  average. Now this option will display correctly;
  • work of mechanics of jamming was adjusted. Now, the larger number of repairs leads to the higher chance of the wedge. Wedge does not depend on the current strength and the strength of the new object;
  • a shot with 9x39 PAB-9 patron now also increases the wear out of the weapon;
  • receiving of inflated objects protection indicators in strength above 100% was fixed;
  • a freeze of grenade in avatar’s hand after the manufacture of any object was fixed;
  • a freeze of the light from the torch was fixed;
  • the effect of increased stamina from fried rat was fixed;
  • the effect of energy drinks was fixed: it could cease the effect when player was rejoining the game, respawn to save point, transition to another card or the exhaustion of the current reserve forces;
  • a possible dropping of the painting of the helmet when equipped weapons was fixed;
  • the lack of animation  interruption "reload weapons" was fixed. It was happening when avatar was going into lying position;
  • an animation with absence of weapons in the hands after switching it with grenades or stone was fixed;
  • flaws with a stone's throw animations grenades in conjunction with a number of other actions was corrected;
  • the action of gestures while using binoculars was fixed;
  • temporary disappearance of grenades or stone from the hands after weapons equipment (rapid switching of animation) was fixed;
  • a freeze of stone's throw animation after the stun effect was fixed;
  • the presence of rebound of “Molotov cocktail” from the wall was fixed: it now explodes with impact;
  • the lack of opportunities to throw stones or shoot after a combination of weapons equipment and removing it for a spin was fixed;
  • an animation bug about production items was fixed;

Environment and mutants

  • the behavior of mutants near obstacles was improved: now, if mutants have a ranged attack, they use it only if they can’t reach a stalker near obstacles;
  • a possible delay into the wall of the base in the cave "Sanatorium" was fixed;
  • a problems with sizes and position of the mutants emergence on all maps was fixed;
  • a coverage of safe area near the Tunguska was fixed;
  • a rare bug with the lack of opportunities to talk with traders on the bases and strengthen points after server restart was fixed.


Functionality of the the Quick Access Toolbar will become much more convenient. Now you don't need to go into the inventory for the same subject. If you have been handed some object on the toolbar and you spent it / threw it away, its icon will not disappear, it will become transparent. Thus, if you have another similar kit, the icon will light up again and you can use it without further action, that distracting you from the game.
If necessary, the object can be removed from the slot, if its no longer needed.
Please, note that this does not affect objects from the classes of weapons and clothing items.
  • an update of used items in the Quick Access Toolbar after their exhaustion was added: out of a backpack is assigned another object in the same cell Quick Access Toolbar;
  • a deposit window of items by tasks was added: npw a player can choose which items will be turn in with  the quest;
  • a decoding of messages about the crowded amount of created PvP rooms was added (previously was listed as an "error 3");
  • a memorizing of the position and size of certain types of interface windows was added;
  • a hint of absence reasons of abilities to declare the hunt was added;
  • added the ability to move the "Friends" window;
  • a message about the reasons for the lack of opportunities to enter the game was adjusted: now the error code remains within the window;
  • a decrease of possible number of marked assignments after their implementation was changed;
  • the lack of cleaning of avatar belonging to the old group after joining another one is fixed;
  • crashes of the game was fixed. It happened during chat tabs switching with typed line of personal message;
  • a bug with the presence of light bars at the edge of the screen due the use the game menu was fixed;
  • a bug with a partial manifestation of parts of the interface after disconnect was fixed;
  • a sight icon change after the equipment in the stone-throwing mode was fixed;
  • information about the income of the base after the capture was fixed;
  • a possible absence of mutant’s name above its carcass was fixed;
  • the ability to switch to the latest quick access toolbar after entering the game was fixed;
  • bug with excessive closing of backpack window was fixed;
  • a freeze of object icon on the mouse pointer after the lock through the [Tab] was fixed;
  • the lack of personal messages display without connected speakers or headphones was fixed;
  • a freeze of "Player" label after the close of the window map was fixed;
  • incorrect display of wrong labels on the bar of previous actions during the kindling fire was fixed;
  • display of psychomotor stimulant counter was fixed;
  • the absence of localization bar purchased framework improvements was fixed (hiring employees traders).

Other changes

  • a behavior of a particles system of "Molotov cocktail" was fixed;
  • a scope of Molotov cocktails by height actions was fixed.

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