Patchfix from December 28, 2016

Dear players!

Here is the list of bug fixes:

- Added ability to repair weapons and armor from the equipment to the "golden" basis;
- Adjusted to the characteristics of some bullet-proof vests and other things: previous description could not correspond to apply effects;
- Added effect on the masks, which is slightly offset loses endurance health;
- Artifact "Pillow" now reduces the agility of the character;
- Modifying recipes and recovery M2 things are now sold for gaming rubles; for their use is now required "Modkomplekt equipment";
- Changed the price of recovery suits recipes "Red Cross" and "Single";
- Corrected the description of the effects of certain things (the Jackal, etc. ...);
- Fixed display of the helmet with a painting on the side of the player after the equipment of weapons: the color was discharged earlier and had to re-wear a helmet to display properly;
- Fixed overlay logic of effects imposed any armor when worn;
- Fixed bug with resetting the display after the change of painting coats of arms;
- Fixed podvisanie models of weapons near the avatar after switch weapons;
- Fixed sticky state throw stones at the entrance to a safe area;
- Fixed a possible throwing grenades from a backpack instead of using the device cells;
- Fixed sticky light from a flashlight using grenades;
- Fixed behavior of mutants with ranged attacks: they had previously stood on the site and did not respond to the player for 10 seconds, and now they will use other abilities;
- Fixed inability to get into some dialogue and Dubinenko Chudoruka the first time;
- Fixed a logic error in the dialogues of the New Year's stalker, because of which some of the players who were in the City of H last year, could lose access to part of the quest to locate a New Year by singing a song;
- Fixed some small notes in the dialogue on the instructions of the New Year;
- Fixed problems found when trying to retake the job Screwtape "Lyubech ghoul: Key to dusk" after the cancellation;

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