Holiday patch from December 27, 2016

Dear players!
Welcome to the holiday location - N City!
Meet the stalker on New Earth, sneak into N City and even under it. Here you will find not only New Year's gifts and treats, but also a much more unexpected things. Those players that visited the city last year, can more deeply understand the events occur. And, of course, you should not forget that the actions and choices made by players on New Year's banquet will have certain consequences for them in the game world after the holiday ends.
In addition to the festive city, this update will bring a remade mechanics of throwing stones and grenades. Now, in order to throw a stone the player must take it in the hands, weapon will be removed automatically. Once a stone is thrown, the character will automatically take the next stone. To go back to the weapon the player must click on the button "get a stone" (Q), RMC or twist the wheel of a computer mouse.
Also players can adjust the strength of the throwing (strength depends on the duration of the retention of the left mouse button).
  • increased the range of stones and grenades throws: now it depends on their masses;
  • added the impact sound of grenades and stones on the surface of the surrounding environment;
  • added effect of hitting a stone and a grenade on the water (some grenades such as "Molotov Cocktail", now will not explode under water);
  • increased the distance of grenades action. The number of received fragments depends on its total number and distance of the avatar;
  • habits threads of throw stones and grenades was changed;
  • added the ability to equip the belt for more than one species of garnet (switch-over via the Quick Access Toolbar or right-click the cells in the equipment box);
  • stone size was reduced;
  • now stone can spin while flying;
  • fixed presence of dark band on the edges of the track by a grenade on the ground;

Dialogues and Quests

  • fixed the bug with "Big Hunt" quest where puppies murder near the building of the police in Lyubech didn't count, description of the quest was corrected;
  • artifact "Alpha Shield" is no longer required for quest "Four arts";
  • reduced the cost for entering New Earth and back (during the holidays);
  • fixed the display of artifacts types (letters) that required for certain tasks (for example, a quest "Just a bit...", "Information For Rubber" and others);
  • fixed bugs in the dialogues and tasks of Mark;
  • unintentional closing the dialog box with Mark, while taking the "Stalker Trainings: Looking for Mark" now do not leads to the impossibility of taking his quests;
  • reward for the job "Krasnov's Recommendations" was fixed;
  • the ability to skip the search of Imarek on the instructions of "The Scout: Imarek" was fixed;
  • inability to pay the money on the instructions of "Service" was fixed;
  • a possible violation of Hood dialogues after the inadvertent closing of a conversation on the "White Death" quest was fixed;
  • errors in the Courier dialogues was fixed, the possibility of taking "Courier - "Spider Legs" quest is no longer dependent on other Courier quests;
  • Grisha Farmer dialogues are now more consistent and logical;


  • functionality of Jelly's grenades was changed: now they are hit harder by unprotected targets; for targets with protection - damage is lower (the degree of poisoning is not affected);
  • fixed a bug with the avatar dropping back while running through the entrance to the police building in Lyubech;
  • modified the behavior of the mutants in the water: the water is now removes the fire effects on mutants (fire is extinguished when entering the water);
  • fixed position of objects found in the air in Lyubech;
  • fixed the geometry of certain objects in the air in Liubech;
  • fixed hanging model and inaccuracies on the map "Airport";
  • fixed possible appearance of spiders in the rock on Vesuvius;


  • functionality of candy "Cane" was changed: its effects are now removed when avatar respawns;
  • padded jacket and pants "Partizan" can now be purchased with in-game currency;
  • effect of "Fried Rats" and sweets "Squirrel" was fixed;
  • ability to shoot blanks through the wall was fixed;
  • description for artifacts containers was fixed;
  • to the information about an item added indication about weapon or armor belonging to a particular group. This was done in order to avoid cases of buying this items by other players who will not be able to use them;


The game now has a new features for the character - the gestures and emotions. Now you can use them to display the simplest of emotions and acting out various situations. This functionality is available for all players.
  • gestures window is opened by pressing [Num0] when on the [NumLock] by default;
  • the optimization of the speed of the game when displaying the smoke from the gun barrel after firing was fixed;
  • fater effects overlay mechanics was further developed. Now, the avatar could not stay under water for a long time;
  • fixed bypass restrictions decrease in finding underwater speed;
  • fixed sticking effect of water after the revival of the character;
  • fixed inability to cure an avatar with first aid kit or kill it when you close the confirmation window;
  • adjusted work of some animations, now a character and his movements become less "ragged" and switches will not twitch between them;
  • fixed a possible error of animation with campfire creation;
  • fixed a possible lack of animation when you try to shoot a shotgun during recharging;


  • added the ability to mark the assignments in the journal: now marked tasks are moved to the top of the list;
  • for all players added an additional warning on the server reboots: before restarting this message will appear every minute;
  • changed the display of the charged and available ammunition / grenades;
  • changed the behavior of the packs of items with the fire: after popping into the fire one meal packs (such as meat) or wood, the amount is reduced by 1 unit, and the remainder is composed in a backpack;
  • display of the list of artifacts in large containers artifacts was improved, now it displays full list of contents;
  • fixed a bug with the lost of the list of completed tasks in a journal or a list of tasks remained on after rejoining another avatar in the game;
  • fixed the absence of groups banner on security guards and conductor on the "gold" bases;
  • fixed the absence of change in the window header after exiting the group;
  • fixed interaction with the NPC through the quests/groups window;
  • fixed a possible error with the subject icon at gunpoint after closing the window;
  • fixed displaying warning about value of the subject in its sale at a bulletin board;
  • fixed query redundancy to restart the game when you select "Default" in the interface settings;
  • fixed bug with the possibility of interaction with other objects through the window;
  • fixed unnecessary flipping pages when taking the order to hunt;
  • fixed bug with switching panel with quick access with the absence of designated objects on it;
  • fixed interaction with the "Update" button in the "Wanted" section;
  • fixed inability to put  the window job history up to the top;

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