Holiday patch announcement

We are glad to inform you that next week you will be able to see the long-awaited New Year's location in the game!
The holidays in the spatial anomaly known as the "N City" acquired a new turn and became even stranger. It seems that someone intervened in the course of the anomalous New Year, breaking it with some magical laws. You are able to understand what is happening. Meet the stalker on New Earth, sneak into N City and even under it. Here you will find not only New Year's gifts and treats, but also a much more unexpected things. Those players that visited the city last year, can more deeply understand the events occur. And, of course, you should not forget that the actions and choices made by players on New Year's banquet will have certain consequences for them in the game world after the holiday ends.
In addition to the winter city, you will get New Year's gift from the developers: new features to the game for the character will be added - the gestures and emotions. Now you can use them to display the simplest of emotions and acting out various situations.
Oh, and by tradition you will get holiday premium and contest!

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