Patch from December 6, 2016

Hello Stalkers!

The update is already in the game. Hope you will like it!


  • the mechanics of "Molotov cocktails" was redesigned;
  • mutants can now be set on fire and inflict damage by the "Molotov cocktail";
  • a dependency of throwing grenades distance from the force was added;
  • the least and the greatest distance of grenades and stones throwing was changed. The range of throwing increases depending on the skill and perks of  "throwing" branch and strength of the avatar;
  • animation of grenades throwing was fixed


  • added a control for obstructions at the remote waves of mutants attack, now the fiends will cease to beat, if their aim went over the wall;
  • granates, campfire and fireworks impose effects on the mutants;
  • now the monsters can be poison, get bleeding effect, and can be set on fire (but not all of them, some will still have immune for poisons and ignition);
  • reduce the chances of a miss in the attacks of Boars;
  • Jellies ranged attack was changed, now it will be more successful;
  • a potential client crash due the Jellies ranged attacks was fixed;


  • a few small quests was added to Lyubech;
  • rewards for the quests associated with fiends was increased. Also some quest rewards with other mutants was reviewed and changed;
  • a possible lack of interaction with the conductors due to the presence of certain tasks was fixed;
  • bugs in some quests of updated Liubech was fixed. In particular, the inability to deliver grenades on the quest "Training: Old Warehouses", pass the quest "Liubech Vampire: Key to Twilight" after the cancellation, gain the passage through Dima Bull Command Post and other;corr
  • logic assignments passage errors was fixed;
  • the description,conditions and some of the possible errors in the assignments "Verliock Eye for Dessert", "What Do Bogies Eat?", "Tastes like Chicken", "A Couple of Screens for Sisyphus", "Lead Price", "Priest's debt" and etc was fixed.


  • the ability to adjust the size of the window and the storekeeper in the backpack interface settings was added;
  • display of prices for one item in a pack on a bulletin board was added;
  • redundant obtain of messages in a chat about avatars "not online" after entering the game when the flag "notification" in the window of friends was removed;
  • mixing titles in names on the map was fixed;
  • calculation of the amount of tasks undertaken when it is displayed in the Journal was fixed;
  • the ability to move windows in the interface at the Bulletin Boards was added;
  • inability to separate the items after interaction with a fire or raid mutants was fixed;
  • possible sticking things in your backpack when you use the scroll wheel of the mouse was fixed;
  • display of names in the execution order of hunting was fixed;
  • the lack of translation keys in the "Wanted" section was fixed;
  • a possible avatar stuck after closing the windows to send parcels was fixed;
  • interface configuration adds the ability to disable the closing of the conversation with the "interaction" [F];
  • the button "Next 10 jobs": now the list of completed tasks is loaded as needed was removed;
  • the message "There is no captured bases" when entering the game was removed;
  • now a stalker, who was expelled from the group will receive this message in the chat.


  • the ability to create a PvP room is on now;
  • a possible avatar stuck in the grill with the appearance of the house in the Caravan was fixed;
  • possible problems with access to the newly created groups "golden" base was fixed;
  • "sticky" shooting (endless shooting blanks), the sudden closure of the game client, or when shooting in the wall was fixed;
  • the bug with provalivaniem avatar in shelves in the middle hangar at the New Earth was fixed;
  • the bug with guards stucks on patrol was fixed;
  • found dangling in the air objects in the urban renewal Ljubech, Tunguska and cave Paukaa was fixed;
  • flickering garbage in the hallways of apartment buildings was fixed;
  • possible emergence of anomalies near Voronin was fixed;
  • the ability to pass through the cupboards for quests was fixed;
  • the position of caches hanging in the air was fixed;
  • the lack of rain sounds on some subjects in front of the railway station of Lyubech was fixed;


  • a possible transfer of diminishing returns with secondary weapons on the ground was fixed;
  • rate of accumulation of habits for BCC was fixed, it is now considered to be a sniper rifle;
  • added for selling the jacket "Chuck" on the radio tower;
  • weight "Khaki" pants, "Tash" and "Charvát" was reduced;
  • range, mounted on a rifle sight groups should expand;
  • things belonging to a particular group can no longer be put up for sale through a bulletin board;


  • changed the damage caused by bleeding or poisoning;
  • bleeding and poisoning changed its effect, now it will subside after a while, but in addition to the loss of health, it will spend endurance;
  • the change of the avatar speed agility was added.
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