Early Access Server Update from 01.03.18

Stalkers, today an update was installed on the Early Access Servers, adding new quests, correcting some of the game client crashes and introducing other changes.
You can find a more detailed descrition of the update below.

General changes:

  • Added new taks that you can take from the bulletin board.
  • Rumors section of on the bulletin board removed 
  • Full-size AK frames are now slightly longer (AKM, AKMS, AK74, AKS74, AK74M, AK101, AK103, AK107, AK108, AK109) This change doesn't not affect such weapons as AKS74U, AK100 and OC-14)
  • Changed the boundaries of some safe zones: now the shape may differ from the circle
  • Fixed some client crashes
  • Fixed an issue of throwing the character out of the safe zone to the nearest points, if the character was shot by the guard: for example, earlier some players had difficulties near the house of Imarka.
  • Fixed buttons fading issue in a character creatiion menu when returning back after choosing clothes
  • Fixed window behavior when selecting the number of added goods in some instances.
  • Fixed triple shot sounds instead of single shot when using mufflers.
  • Corrected some weather effects;


  • Fixed overly sharp NPC movements when they moved from a state of inactivity to firing;
  • Fixed some of the character movements
  • Fixed possible issue with loading ammo to the clip
  • Fixed an issue with dealing damage to base guards and fortifications.
Share the news with your friends and take a look at the new Update in Stalker Online We remind you that all changes added to the Early Access Server are work in progress. If they are added to the Early Access Server, but do not function as described - work on them will continue. We ask you to inform us about any issues by contacting our Tech Support Service.

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