Main and Early Access Server updates 22.02.18

Stalkers, a new update was installed today on the Main Servers and the Early Access Server. The following changes were introduced on the Main Servers:
  • Сutting of Verlioka and the Puntic Verlioka will have an increased chance of getting loot this weekend.
  • The "Test of Courage" task from Mark in Lyubech was activated;
  • Reduced the price of the item "Broken military radio station";
The following changes will be introduced on the Early Access Server:
  • Added ability to call back packages;
  • Added improvements to the trading system (Armourer, Gourmet);
  • Added handling of hot keys when adding character items;
  • Added merchant's goods interface updates when changing prices or quantity;
  • Improved display of weapon attachments in the modification window 
  • Updated faces of some NPCs;
  • Fixed displaying of some items attached to the weapon;
  • Fixed the visibility of slightly noticeable anomalies;
  • Fixed display of translucent glasses;
  • Fixed a possible issue with the character's movements when throwing a stone with a weapon in his hands.

In addition, we recommend that you check with the Sponsor NPC on the Early Access Server to get a fun souvenir. Meet the weekend playing Stalker Online and share news about the update with your friends!

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