Early Access Server Update 15.02.18

Stalkers, an update was installed on the Early Access Server today. The Update fixes several known issues and makes changes to the various mechanics of the game

Updates in Games' Mechanics:

  • Introduced changes to the Safe Zones: You can see the list of changes in this article.


  • NPC Trade UI has been improved.
  • Add or remove items from the purchase / sale window and character backpack by double-clicking [LMB];
  • Filters to items categories added, use by double [LMC]; All other filters are hidden;
  • Added a search field by object name;
  • After clicking the "Suggest" button, added the final calculation of the amount that the character will receive after the end of the trade in the form of a pop-up notification;
  • Added behavior change when adding a bundle of items to buy (for example, bullets):
  • Dragging while holding [Shift] - buy several items (a number is specified);
  • Dragging while holding [Ctrl] - buy all items in stock;
  • Removed the limit on the purchase of more than 1000 items at a time;
  • Fixed related known issues;
  • Fixed displaying weapons modification windows and character creation screen at a large window resolution (more than 4,096 points);
  • Fixed the order of the icons of equipped weapons on the right-bottom of the screen;
  • Corrected texts in the character creation window: they could have been misunderstood previously.


  • Optimized the display of hair on the characters;
  • Improved the smoothness of movements of some of the character's actions (for example, when getting weapons from behind the shoulder);
  • Fixed display of other characters' jumps for the observer;
  • Fixed display of Character's hood in the main menu;
  • Fixed issues with animation of other characters (lack of leg movements) after some actions;
  • Fixed the character's model geometry display errors happening after some actions;
  • Fixed an issue with spending stamina reserve during the sprint after some actions.


  • Fixed interaction with Groups' Registrar NPC: earlier, if you step away, you could not start a conversation because NPCs sitting around;
  • Fixed lighting during some weather conditions;
  • Fixed Slugs movements animation: previously they could glide over the surface;
  • Fixed the spiders that attacked from the ground: now they will crawl over the surface;
  • Added a test version of light display from other characters' light sources;
  • The vegetation in the marshes of Vesuvius and Lyubech has been updated;


  • Fixed the use of weapons recovery recipes in cases when the weapon contains improvements (sights, flashlights, etc.);
  • Fixed some memory leaks;
  • Fixed application of a banner to the flag of the group;

We'd like to remind you that all changes introduced at the Early Access Server are work in progress. If they are added to the Early Access Server, but do not function as described - work on them will continue. We ask you to inform us about any issues by contacting our Tech Support Service.

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