Developer Diaries: Changes in the Safe Zones.

Stalkers, today we’d like to tell you more about a new change that is getting ready for the release on the Early Access Server. This change will affect interactions between characters in the Safe Zones.
As you know, shooting in the Safe Zones is completely prohibited on the Main servers of the game. Based on the feedback from the players and our discussions, we came to the conclusion that this situation is not quite close to the realistic environment that we are striving to achieve in the game and does not provide any benefits to the "immersion" in the world of Stalker Online.
Therefore, we decided to improve this system: now, shooting in the Safe Zones is allowed, however, the consequences of these actions will somewhat change:
  • Upon taking any aggressive action in the Safe Zone, the aggressive character loses the Safe Zone status and receives the PvP status.
  • When a character gets a PvP status, guards of the Safe Zone will attack him. While the character has a PvP status, he won't be able to get the Safe Zone status.
  • In the event that the aggressive character is dispatched by guards, he may lose items from the inventory and be thrown outside the Safe Zone by guards. In this case, the status of PvP will persist. Sometimes a NPC can send this character a personal message.
  • In the event that the attacker is not dispatched by guards (various options), he will be able to reborn inside the Safe Zone. The PvP status will be removed in this case.
  • The player who is attacked and who doesn't commit any aggressive acts will not receive damage.
  • Prison is an exception, it will still prohibit any aggressive actions.
Thus, together with preserving the possibility of shooting, players will have the opportunity to take refuge in the Safe Zone. This change will be the first in our plans for the Safe Zones system, please share with us your opinion in the comments below.
These changes will be introduced on the Early Access Server this month. The items described above are a description of how the updated system should work. If any of these changes work differently, please let us know.

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