New Update of the Early Access Server from 09.08.18

Stalkers, today we've installed an Update on the Early Access Server. It fixes several known issues and improves on some aspects of the game.

List of update changes:

  • Fixed critical shutdown of the game client;
  • Added the ability to remove some of the purchased items from the purchase: for example, first you added 1000 cartridges, then changed your mind and removed 500 cartridges using the right-click menu;
  • Added an additional window for displaying messages about trade errors: for example, the desired item was already bought by someone, or there was not enough money, or the range or value of the one chosen for purchase changed;
  • If you buy the same items stacked in one cell, they will be collected in one bundle: for example, if you buy one cartridge, they will all be added to one cell;
  • Fixed the purchase of expendable items from the Gourmet: now you can not put several identical items on the purchase, (by dragging the mouse) pay for them, and get only one.
  • Fixed the inability to add a few bullets, the number of which is not limited to the trader

We’d like to remind to all of our stalkers that all of the changes added to the Early Access Server are WIP (work-in-progress). If they are added to the Early Access Server but aren’t in accordance with our descriptions, we will continue working on them in further updates. If you encounter a bug in the game, we’d like you to report to our Tech. Support service.

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