Early Access Server server Update 25.01.18


We've updated our Early Access Server on 25.01.18. In this update we continue working on various gameplay mechanics and known issues. You can take a look at the detailed list of the changes below.

Revision of weapons systems and equipment:
  • AC, BCC guns now require the installation of a silencer as a separate component. At the moment they can be used without a silencer, but this is a temporary possibility.
  • AK series requires installation of muzzle devices (flash supressors, muzzle brakes, etc.). Removal of these will be required to install other muzzle devices.
  • The Trijicon AGOT TA01 sight now has a separate base element.
  • Zenith 2DS sight is now available for mounting the and it also has a separate base element now.
  • Since some new individual items of weapons, modifications and devices can not be obtained from regular stores, they can be sought from the Sponsor NPC.
  • Adjustments made to the device installation system and device installation on the bars.
  • Weapons interfaces do not have a complete list of installed modifications and devices now, instead they indicate only the places for installation.
  • Protection of flak jackets and helmets is added in the trial mode. The parameters specified now are not final and will be revised in the following updates.
  • Now, when reloading, the clip with the highest number of loaded bullets is always used.
  • The influence of the muzzle devices on the muzzle flames is improved. This mechanic functions on some types of weapons.
  • Reduced the aiming accuracy the Third Person mode
  • Changed the bullet used in SPAS-12: now the weapon is loaded with 12x70 bullets
Fixes to graphics, animations and models:
  • Added the animation of equipping glasses
  • Added separate movements of the character when using stew and C-rations.
  • Now the camera's position will be lower when using gestures to "sit" 
  • Adjusted some of the movements of the character (twists and turns), added some new (while crouching).
  • Fixed an issue on Vulcan - now the sky has the right color
  • Fixed bucket hat "breaking" when choosing a character.
  • Fixed sliding down from the ladders while crouching
  • Fixes to the animation of foot movement
  • Fixed the problem of disappearing weapons when changing clothes, in cases when another weapon was in hand.
  • Bucket hat is now less volatile in the premises.
  • Fixes have been made to the work of the "Free Camera" view.
  • Fixed glowing character's eyes when using Dynamic Shadows
  • Improvements have been made to some dynamic shadows
  • Fixed the display of circles on the water from a character with different graphics quality settings
  • Fixed minor issues of models positioning on maps
  • Fixed character animations if you bend near objects at waist height
  • Fixed water reflections with high graphics settings
  • Fixed some stairwells that the character could not get into.
Game UI improvements:
  • Added a new interface for buying items from the Weaponsmith and the Gourmet
  • Item descriptions interface was changed
  • The icon of the ability to butcher/search the mutant has been fixed: now it will correctly reflect the possibility of an action.
  • Fixed weapon durability display
  • Fixed descriptions of some weapons
Other changes:
  • Added restriction for "sprint" start at 20 stamina i.e. you cannot start sprinting when you have less than 20.
  • Old weapon was replaced with new one in the task requirements (for example, in the tasks of the Dudnik, Tatarin, Lesic).
  • Sponsor NPC now gives more money to inexperienced characters, but significantly less to the veterans.
  • Fixed overlapping of identical effects from food
  • Fixed another case of lack of stamina reserve when using sprint
  • Fixed behavior of NPCs, in which they stopped shooting at mutants.

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