Early Access Server Update from 17.01.18

Today we're installing a an update on the Early Access Server. In this update we continue working on a New Character and fixing known issues. 
This Update mainly improves the following aspects of the game: 
- Player's character model and animation;
- NPC models and behaviour;
- Fixing issues with items display;
- Further improvements.
A detailed list of changes can be found below:   


- Mutant butchering distance is increased. 
- Fixed a bug allowing to use sprtint indefinitely 
- Fixed issues with jumping over some obstacles 
- Fixed an issue where a clip could stuck to the character model, when the character was shot while loading up ammo 
- Fixed character animation issues during turns after reloading weapons: previously the body animation would stuck in one place, while hands continued moving. 
NPC animation and behaviour 
- Fixed NPC head tilting and turns while tracking character movements; 
- Fixed a bug with an odd TOZ-34 weapon clip, while the weapon is used by NPC 
- Fixed NPCs' issues with using some weapon types. 
- Fixed an erronious NPC weapon grasp after using weapons 
- Fixed issues when NPCs were displayed either missing weapons or with hands hanging in the air 
- Improved NPC target tracking: they will turn their heads and track targets with their eys, and while shooting they'll be looking in the general direction of their target


- Fixed bullet count display in the modification window 
- Fixed the amount of flask uses left: previously an erronious count was shown. 
- Fixed a dropped weapon display 
- Carrying KIH-4 with a backpack is now forbidden 


- Client optimization solutions Implemented
- Fixed the keyboard codes for mapping [~] button used for throwing rocks action

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