Early Access Server Update from 12.01.18


Today we’ve installed a substantial update on the Early Access Server. In this update we continue working on a New Character.

This Update mainly improves the following:

- Fixed issues with reloading and changing weapons;

- Updated character movements while eating;

- Fixed issues related to character display and movement during various actions;

- Fixed various minor issues on maps.

You can try out all of these changes in the game:


A detailed list of changes can be found below:

- Throwing rocks and other actions are now blocked during weapons reloading;

- Updated character movements while eating;

- Reduced NPC head tilting while tracking character movements;

- Actions like drinking water, reloading, etc. are now blocked while jumping over the obstacles;

- Fixed weapon hanging in the air after re while changing weapon;

- Fixed some of the issues with NPC reloading animations;

- Fixed NPC “sliding” while moving - animation works properly now;

- Fixed character movements while taking out weapons running;

- Fixed character display and turning while holding weapon on the character selection screen;

- Fixed weapon and character display while holstering weapons behind the back;

- Fixed display of another player’s failed jumps;

- Fixed character model tremors while leaning over small objects like chairs;

- Fixed character hands position while holding a one-handed weapon and using other items;

- Fixed character movement animation after changing clothes;

- Fixed weapon reloading continuing after holstering the weapon. Now it will cease.

- Fixed duplicated weapon models upon changing weapons during reloading;

Other changes:

- Fixed other characters’ missing sound effects after weapon reloading;

- Fixed mercenaries’ missing weapons on captured bases;

- Fixed shooting blanks in a safe zone: previously there was no shots from the shooter, but observers could see the shots;

- Fixed weapon durability display in the equipment window;

- Fixed display and interaction with windows situated under the weapons modification window;

- Fixed various minor issues on maps.


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