We are pleased to announce the opening of an early access server!

Dear players!

We are pleased to announce the opening of an early access server!



This is a completely new game server that gives  players a chance to plunge into the atmosphere of the anomalous Zone along with a new character and one of the first to experience its possibilities. You will get a unique chance to influence the further development of the new character and the game in general.

The early access server has nothing to do with other game servers. Your account on this server will also not be linked to your primary account, but will be its copy for the duration of the server's existence. If you already have characters on the SPB server, the new server will create their twins, for which you can play. Otherwise - you can create a new character. The early access server does not have the ability to use funds from your account account ("golden rubles"), and the items and achievements received during the game can not be transferred to other game servers.



The peculiarity of this server is that changes in the game world will be made as soon as possible, and not in the form of infrequent major updates, as on game servers. This means that all participants of early access will have the opportunity to observe the process of creating the game almost in real time. Systematic change and refinement of game content and mechanics suggests the probability of reboots, kickbacks and even wipe, necessary for the implementation of these changes - without this, not do.

To facilitate and speed up the gameplay, in the popular places of the Zone (for example, in the village of Gourmet) a new NPC "Sponsor" will appear and will supply the character with the game currency once a day, guided by the level of its upgrade.



You don't need additional registration to gain the access: all players whose accounts were created before December 16, 2017, will be able to enter the new server.

Login will be charged - when you enter the early access server, the amount of 1000 gold rubles will be debited from your account at a time. This way you will have access to the new server for the entire time of its existence.

The early access server will run for at least two months. Next, a new character will be the released on the servers Msk and Spb. We will report all changes in our social networks and on the project website.

We will be happy to receive any feedback or comments from you. To pass bugs in technical support, a separate section has been created for accepting applications. Please note that applications with bugs from the early access server will be accepted only in this section!


You can download new installer HERE

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