Patchfix from December 19. 2017

Dear players!
Patchfix has been installed into the game. 
List of changes:
  • Removed PvP area in ""N"-Town": now karma will be charged for shooting in other characters (killing Christmas elves does not lower karma);
  • Karma for killing in the body of a bear (or killing a bear) is not charged;
  • The characteristics of New Year's bears have been reduced (in particular, the rate of passive health regeneration);
  • Quest "Noise In The Ear" can now take and players who have visited "N"-Town in past years. This also applies to the quest "Looking for Fire";
  • Fixed the impossibility of re-entering "N"-Town for some players;
  • The work of the "Reports" and "The Scout: Chemical Waste Disposal" quests has been fixed. For successful implementation, you will need to cancel and re-take them.

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