If I wouldn't accidentally found that diary...

"If I wouldn't accidentally found that diary ... If that self-settler did not survive a pack of rabid dogs, the devil take knows where ... His personal trust would cost me two stores. Expensive? Probably, he thought so. Did he know that he helped me to find?
The grass in the lowland was of a strange color. Before going down the slope, the stalker stopped, held his breath. Not for long: something that moved him was stronger than any doubt. Having swept a cloud of rock dust and dry leaves, he slid down, braking his feet, and there he froze again. He listened to the sensations. HIs scar from the burn on his left hand was sore, barely noticeable biting breeze touched his face. Nothing else. At all. "It's close ..."
Greetings stalkers!
Thank you for the positive feedback on the video about the development of a new character. We are glad that you appreciated our work and will try to justify your expectations.
The appearance of a new character is a turning point and the beginning of the realization of long-conceived and serious changes, the purpose of which is to achieve that our project fully corresponds to its name - Stalker Online. This is an atmospheric and deep game about stalkerism in the mysterious Exclusion Zone - it should be like that, it's what we see it and we will continue to develop it in this direction.
Changes in the game will not be limited only by a new character release. We want to indicate for  you the direction in which the development of the game is moving. Therefore, we decided, in addition to releasing video clips, to try also another format of news: we will represent some fictitious situation (as at the beginning of this news), which could occur in the game, based on the planned innovations in the future. And it will be accompanied by an illustrated description of one of the ready-made features.
On this gif you can notice that, thanks to the procedural animation, the position of the character's foot is calculated in real time, based on the height and angle of the surface where he puts the foot. And thanks to inverse kinematics, all the other bones of the foot take the position as if the real person had stepped on a particular stone or step. Thus, the new character does not just mimic walking - you can already say that he moves on a specific surface, almost like a real person, reacting to all the hummocks and holes.
See you soon!       

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