Patchfix from October 3, 2017

List of changes:

  • Visibility range of anomalies was increased;
  • Bugs with the purchase of items on the Bulletin Board was fixed;
  • The smoothness of shooting sound changing  at a distance was fixed;
  • Dialogues in the quest "Catch the thief" was fixed;
  • A possible recharge stuck  when using shotguns was fixed;
  • Closing of the window after clicking "Take All" in cases of cutting suspicious mutants was fixed;
  • The overlapping effects of resting campfires above the basement of Stacket in the city of Lubech was fixed: now the effect is superimposed only inside the basement;
  • Possible damage of the character animation when canceling recharge was fixed;
  • The description of the reconstruction drawing of the helmet "Viking-M2" and other drawings of reconstructions and modifications in m2 was fixed.




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