Patchfix from September 14, 2017

Dear players!         
New patchfix was uploaded on the game servers.
List of fixes:        
– The penetration of some patrons was improved, as well as a decrease in the penetration from the distance in 5.45x39 patrons and 5.56x45 patrons;
– Weapon damage has been changed:
  • The characteristics of intermediate patrons have been changed;
  • Reduced the penetration of rifle patrons;
– The protection of most bulletproof vests has been changed;
– The protection of some parts of the body of Bear and Verliock has been changed;
– The experience gained for killing some monsters was fixed;
– A possible error with the recharge after the search and cutting was fixed;
– The launch of the English localization client of the game was fixed;
– The appearance of a dialogue next to the corpse on the quest "Special Services" was fixed;
– Reputation required to complete the quest "Big Hunt" has been reduced from 2500 to 2000.    

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