Patch from September 12, 2017

Dear players!
One of the most important changes in this update is a new basic weapon – Nagant M1895 Revolver.
Nagant will replace the already used in the game Makarov Pistol (PM) and will become the starting weapon for Stalker Online players. The Naganе will be issued at the initial stage of the game, according to the initial quests instead of the PM. Replacement will occur for all players.
This replacement will affect the sequence of development of the class "Pistol", it will become more logical and convenient. Players will have equal chances in progress and more choices in this class. If the player does not like Nagant, then he can change it to TT, PM, Desert Eagle or to another class of weapons in principle.
The PM will become a pistol of a higher class (accuracy characteristics have been improved, etc.) and in turn will replace the Colt M1911 pistol. M1911 for some time will be withdrawn from the sale and will be unavailable for the players.
With Nagant in the game will be introduced a new patron – 7,62x38R, which will replace the available in patron 9x18 for PM. The patron for Nagant at a price will correspond to the patron of the PM. The availability of the PM and its patrons will not change, it will be in free sale from the traders, it can be found in the caches. At the same time, the price of PM patrons will be increased.
This replacement principle will also apply to repair parts (recipes and spare parts) for Nagant, PM and Colt M1911 pistols, i.e. recipes and details from the Colt M1911 pistol will become details of the PM pistol, and the details and drawings of the former PM will be removed.
Old recipes from the Makarov Pistol will be withdrawn from the game, and the players will be able to sell the details to the buyers. Nagant, in turn, will not have recovery drawings and spare parts kits. It will not be possible to restore it - it is only possible to repair it.


  • a bug due to which players could not re-take the quest "Uncatchable thief" after its failure was fixed;
  • a number of errors associated with the task of "Bandits: Services to the brother" was fixed, in particular, now the brothers no longer offer several variants of passing at the same time, and Mokruh does not refuse to talk to the players who have taken the quest;
  • a bug due to which some players could not retrieve the task of "The web of a Bobrinic Conspiracy"was fixed. A special phrase was added in the Beaver dialogue, which allows to fix the error for those who have it;
  • the content of the training map "Station" has been changed;
  • a bug where some players could not complete the "Wizard of all trades" quest was fixed;
  • the quest  "Pay the debt" was changed: to all players that has it taken at the moment we recommend to cancel it and start again;
  • Fixed the shortcomings of some dialogues of the Stick and Tatar;
  • Added explanations in the dialogs for assignments "Who is ...?". Now, after talking to the right NPC after receiving information from him on the assignment, players will receive a comment from NPC;
  • the reputation for accessing the "Big Hunt" quest was increased;
  • the system of interaction with some objects of quests was changed: now it will be impossible to come across icons of interaction with invisible objects without having an assignment (for example, with non-existent corpses);
  • added the ability to cancel the "Registering a clan" quest from the Registrar, provided that the money has not been paid;
  • the accrual of fines of survival experience after cancellation of quests was fixed;
  • corrected the calculation of the killed dogs in the quest "Dog Hunter. Part 2";
  • the issue of items in quests with a time limit was fixed (for example, as in the quest  "Dr. Dolittle");
  • a bug with the failure of a variety of quests where you want to kill a NPC with a unique name was fixed, for example, as in "Catch the Thief."


  • the method of charging additional experience for premium and intelligence was changed. From now on these bonuses do not affect each other;
  • the health of all characters was increased by 100 units;
  • the endurance of all characters was increased by 25 units;
  • a bug with no sound step was fixed(for example, when overloaded);
  • the degree of influence of perks 3 and 4 "increase in critical damage" was reduced from 35% to 20%;
  • the cost of studying the perk "increase in critical damage 4" was increased from two points to three;
  • a bug with the flashlight, which had previously blinded its owner was fixed;
  • penalties for survival experience after cancellation of quests was fixed;
  • the triggering of conversation events (the camera moves to another point) in some rare cases was fixed;
  • a bug that prevents the character from using the weapon after death was fixed;
  • the freeze of the weapon in one hand after using the gestures was fixed;
  • the display of firing through the wall when using a muffler was fixed;
  • the effect of the habit of shooting was changed;
  • The effectiveness of the habit of reducing the sight was increased;
  • The method of interaction between kickback, skills, habits and other characteristics of the character is changed;
  • a bug that made perk "Fast equipping of light weapons" ineffective was fixed;
  •  premature damage obtaining for slow computers was fixed.


  • the mechanics of parcels was changed;
  • the calculation of the cost of parcels was changed;
  • added the registration of the weight of items when forwarding;
  • the cost and time of sending items when using the services of the same storekeeper was reduced;
  • added the registration of the weight and quantity of items in the package when calculating the cost of shipping for gold;
  • The removal of already opened and sent parcels is improved. Henceforth such parcels will not expose the removal warning window due to the presence of valuables in them.
Other changes
  • the rate of shooting of pistols PM and TT was changed;
  • the price for PM patrons has been changed, the price for Nagan patrons corresponds to the former price for PM patrons;
  • the details of the pistols PM, TT, Colt M1911, Desert Eagle, Glock and machines AS, VSS, AKMS, AKS74U will be withdrawn from the game. You wouldn't be able to exchange it for sets of spare parts for this weapon.
  • the description of weapons and patrons was changed;
  • the mapping of damage and penetration in the information about patrons was removed;
  • the logic of displaying weapon damage in the item information window was changed;
  • The penetration rates have been shifted (for example, if some weapon had a penetration rate of 140, now it will be 240. Also some patrons can now have a penetration below 10, which will result in even less damage to targets with higher protection than previously);
  • the characteristics of many patrons has been changed. This applies to both damage, penetration and prices;
  • weapon tips has been changed;
  • the range of pistols and some submachine guns has been changed;
  • the MP5 pistol machine guns names were corrected. MP5 K now has an add-on "PDW";
  • Mk48 was renamed to M249 SAW;
  • the silencer G5 now can be installed on M249;
  • NPC can exchange silencer A7 on G5;
  • The retired colonel no longer exchanges artifacts for the AK-107, from now on he exchanges artifacts for AK-74M;
  • the prices for some equipment installed on weapons has been changed;
  • the assortment in the arms stores in the bar at Vanya The Hell has been changed;
  • the prices for patrons in various shops are corrected;
  • many units of weapons changed their requirements to the level of skill;
  • a bug with freezed items on the belt after putting on a suit with fewer cells on it was fixed;
  • the presence of an exchange with Laborator on Vesuvius was fixed, he is available again;
  • the price and weight of bandages have been changed, bandages now have 10 uses;
  • the prices for some items in the shops of the NPC have been changed;
  • on AK series automatons the Surefire X300 underbarlight can be installed, including smooth-bore carbine Cаiga-12К and OC-14-1;
  • a version of the 762x39 ammunition with an expansive bullet was added.


  • the visible size of the crosshairs was increased, the real accuracy of the weapon remained unchanged;
  • now chat message about the damage is rounded to decimal values;
  • the speed of the first opening of the character's skills window was fixed: previously the game client was hanging;
  • a bug with the possible scrolling of the skill window when pumping some skills was fixed
  • the descriptions of the drawings of weapons and clothing have been changed.
  • added description for Hell of a ride;
  • multiple edits;
  • the display of gold in the main menu in the absence of created characters was corrected: now it is displayed immediately after selecting the name of the character to be created


  • the contents of some caches and caches have changed;
  • a grain cleaning complex was established in the neighbourhood;


  • the technician in the entrance of Lyubech will no longer shoot at the characters
  • NPC in the animation of smoking will now keep a smoking cigarette;
  • some changes were made at the Station: puppies were added instead of rats, also the NPC Passenger and the Stranger were added.

Other changes:

  • monsters now will move more actively and much further from their habitual habitats in some places;
  • the place of the appearance of the rat king has been changed;
  • now the characters will get more meat when butchering a bear;


  • bugs with replenishment of the base account, which was captured by the groups was fixed;
  • possible hang of some anomalies in the "on" state was fixed;
  • the behavior of guards on the bases of groups was changed: now they will bypass deep ponds.

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