Weapon's details withdraw

Dear players!
Last week we told you about the changes that will occur in the game with replacement of the Makarov Pistol with the revolver of the Nagan system.
Today we want to inform you that with the nearest update details of the pistols PM, TT, Colt M1911, Desert Eagle, Glock and machines AS, VSS, AKMS, AKS74U will be withdrawn from the game. You wouldn't be able to exchange it for sets of spare parts for this weapon.
Many of you may have noticed that the details of some other weapons were already being removed from the game. This is due to the fact that in the future changes are planned in the weapons system, as a result of which similar items will appear.
That is why we want to withdraw in advance all the details that will lose their relevance within the framework of changes in this system.
We will share the details of these changes with you later.
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