Patch from July 25, 2017


  • The behavior of quests that are canceled by the player was changed: now such quests are considered as failed. If you'll cancel it, you will see a possible fine (or its absence) in the confirmation window;
  • A number of quests connected with new caves in the Lyubech neighborhoods was added;
  • Improvements were made to the quest "Kill the debtor" when the target was killed by another player: the quest is not counted if the debtor was killed by another player, a notification to the chat is added, you can kill any "debtor";
  • Reduced the required percentage of damage done by Spiderkhan, which is needed for the delivery of some quests;
  • The amount of money that Selektevich gives on New Earth on the quest "24 hours for all" was corrected – now it corresponds to the description of the assignment;
  • Fixed a problem with taking quests of Metrofan for the supply of spider paws;
  • Fixed the capture of "Rat Killer" from Vanya Hell after passing quest "Sniper";
  • Fixed the impossibility of taking the quest "Sharp shooter" from Egor the Sniper for some players;
  • Fixed impossibility to complete some options of the quest "Bandits: service to the bratka" in dialogues with Mokrukh and Tatar;
  • The work of the quest "Artifact was stolen!" and some others in the Dumpster was corrected;
  • The issuance of a double award for the quest "Lab stalker" has been fixed;
  • The location of some significant zones and the NPC for assignments at the Airport location have changed (for details see the descriptions of the quests);
  • Reduced the percentage of damage for the calculation of the murder of Spiderkhan (now it's up to 12-15% instead of 20%).


  • Damage from accumulated radiation was fixed: previously, in some cases, the accumulated radiation had no effect on the character;
  • The impossibility of recharging and shooting after stunning was fixed (for example, from a remote attack of fiends);
  • A bug that allowed to throw several stones or grenades in a row was fixed;
  • Possible presence of canopy sights (sights, mufflers) in the aiming mode was fixed;
  • The display of the shooter, which from the side seen as shooting without recharging was fixed;
  • Simultaneous display of two main weapons on one character was fixed (in positions behind and in hands);
  • PvP flag appears when a player firing a player from a warring faction.


  • The damage and the power of shooting of majority patrons has been changed;
  • The necessary items for the exchange of blood and poisons in the laboratory was changed: now it requires tubes;
  • The source of receiving "Spider venom" from the Laboratory assistant has been changed: now it can be obtained from glands, and not from the clutches of spiders;
  • The substitution of weapon technical characteristics was changed;
  • The chances of removing the number of repairs from things that are not intended for this purpose was changed;
  • Problems with the sound of the radiometer "Bella" arising from some players was fixed; Volume was increased;
  • The name for Spider Paws in English localization was fixed: Big Spider Leg -> Spiderkhan Leg.


  • Added areas that prohibit the appearance in the world in the center of the cave of Spiderkhan, near the appearance of the "Explorer" artifact and near the habitable Impenetrable: now the character will move to the last save point;
  • Visual changes were made on the Airport map;
  • The lack of the effect of diving under the water at the bottom of some ponds was fixed.


  • Fixed processing of the [Tab] button in the user's credentials input window: now after pressing it the active window goes to the password input;
  • Fixed the impossibility of removing certain items chosen for sale during trading;
  • The work of item filters in the backpack has been fixed.


  • Messages for received parcels was improved;
  • Expanded the message about the purchased items from the Bulletin Board: now the expanded name of the purchased items is indicated;
  • Added the ability to drag the "Announcement on arrest" window;
  • Fixed some flaws in the scrolling column in the skill window when scrolling up and down;
  • Fixed switching input focus in windows when creating grouping;
  • Fixed the behavior of the checkboxes in the parcel opening interface;
  • Fixed possible freeze of the scale of throwing power;


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UPD: Patchfix was installed on game servers.

List of fixes:
- Corrected the properties of patrons for smoothbore weapons;
- Decreased the health of the Wild boar;
- Fixed item cost: Makarov's Pistol;
- Fixed a possible lack of goods for sale from merchants;
- Fixed a bug due to which some items were not sold to the Supplier;

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