Patchfix from June 30, 2017

Dear players!
Patchfix is installed on the game servers.
List of fixes:
- Some positions in exchangers of the NPC have been adjusted;
- Exchange conditions for test tubes with spider venom was changed: glands are now required instead of spider paws;
- Reduced the number of heads required by the task "Only for your eyes";
- Fixed problems with the new task "Service to the brother": checks in the dialogues of Stacket and Mokruha.
- Fixed the lack of goods from merchants located on the bases of groupings;
- Corrected the aggressive behavior of guards on Gourmet in relation to the characters who have a state of war with the faction "Stalkers";
- Fixed the behavior of guards in relation to the characters they killed: previously the guards continued to shoot, if the character does not leave their field of sight, even if the flag (PvP) was down;
- Fixed short-term disappearance of the Bulletin Board on Tunguska and Gourmet;
- Fixed the presence of the name "Wild Dog" in two different types of dogs;
- Fixed a bug with the range of sound of poisonous mushrooms on the territory of "Vesuvius";
- Fixed a problem with the display of weapons.

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