A new thematic gold bag in the Zone!

Dear players!
A new thematic gold bag will be added into the game with upcoming update — "Defective container for artifacts"!     
The main feature of the bag — its contents. Now, in addition to weapon boxes and medical kits you will have a chance to get the desired artifacts. "Defective container for artifacts" has collected the entire collection of artifacts of the Zone. In addition to the artifacts, you will be able to get parts of the container itself, which is needed to carry artifacts, while excluding the possibility of losing them in case of death and keeping their charge at the time of placement in the container.
You can buy this bags from traders, buyers, technicians and other characters in the section "Goods for gold."
One of the current weapons boxes, containing AK107, AK74M, etc., will be removed from the game with the next update. If you liked some items from this box, we advise you to hurry with his purchase. The update will be released very soon.
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