The upcoming update changes

Dear players!
The upcoming update will have a several important changes, which we decided to share with you in advance. Some of them deal with in-game aspects (for example, a NPC), while other are directly connected with the game client itself.
The first thing we want to talk about: changes in the behavior of characters — NPC. Now they are more active in reacting to how the players in the Zone behave, and are more aggressive in defending the interests of the factions they represent. This applies to all NPCs, but most clearly these changes will affect the actions of guards. They will try to stop the causeless shootout and other aggression of players in the zone of their control (react to the "flag" - the blue name of the player), and will be able to remember offenders. By attracting their attention, you risk ruining your reputation. We plan to continue working on the capabilities of the NPC and their influence on the world of the game, making  them more lively and mobile. We see in them one of the most significant forces that can influence the gameplay in the future.
Second - first aid kits, food, etc. will have a positive effect after the end of the use process. In other words, if the use of the first aid kit takes 5 seconds, health will be restored only after this time has elapsed.
And lastly - the update will be very large in size, perhaps even comparable to the size of the entire client of the game. This is due to technical need. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.
We hope that these changes will make the game more atmospheric, interesting and stable. And of course - this is not a complete list of the innovations and changes that await you!
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