Patchfix from April 27. 2017


  • Quests "Save Acid", "Blade Runner" and other similar quests was fixed (NPCs appearing on the job could behave inadequately);
  • Quest "Greenpeace approves" and other similar quests was fixed: earlier items of quests (for example, a microcomputer) could disappear during execution (it may be necessary to cancel the tasks and take them again for correct work);
  • Quests "Potential Enemy", "Lost Cargo" and other similar quests was fixed: quests were not updated when equipping the binoculars;
  • The awards for the holiday May quests are slightly increased;
  • The logic of the dialogs of Spit the Pusher was changed;
  • Increased a combat experience for the killing of quest-NPC-mercenaries;
  • Fixed the description of the quest "Help Sanya the Old Coon".


  • Effectiveness of stimulants was increased (half and full);
  • Reduced the effectiveness of the skill "Medicine" and perk "Good Doctor";
  • Changed the speed of use of first aid kits and injectors (including stimulants);
  • The descriptions of the first-aid kits have been changed (in accordance with the current values ​​of receiving treatment from their use);
  • The badge for the Super First-aid kit has been changed: previously it was indistinguishable from an automotive first-aid kit;

General changes

  • Added a small damage after receiving the stun effect;
  • A possible lack of display of objects in the backpack window was fixed;
  • Some bugs in the Paukan cave was fixed;
  • Water was added on the ground;
  • Particle systems of fog and fire was optimized;
  • Walls at the entrance was fixed;
  • Display of PvP statistics window was fixed; 
  • The calculation of the proportion of written-off karma for killing mutants by several characters was fixed;
  • NPCs that continued to fire after death was fixed; 
  • Possible problems of centering and displaying labels in the interface during bounty hunts was fixed.

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