Patch from April 25th, 2017


New it the game

  • Artifacts in containers and on the belt are no longer counted during the counting of items on assignment;
  • Write-off of objects occurs in favor of the player while submitting quests (items with the greatest number of repairs or the shortest lifetime are taken first);
  • The torn Chak pants and the torn Storm coat were placed on the removal;
  • Dampened patrons idges on the PM were placed on the removal;
  • When using insulating tape, resources will no longer be consumed;
  • The price of buying up ammunition has been increased;
  • Mandarins and the bear's baked head now take off each other's effects, while simultaneously using;
  • Super first-aid kit now impose an intoxication;
  • The model of a missile produced from a grenade launcher spreads its wings after a shot;
  • The drawings for the recovery of bullet-proof vests Dragoon M2 and TASH M2 were renamed to the drawings of the withdrawal of the modification.
  • The price of buying up ammunition has been increased

Grenades and grenade launchers

  • The work of RPG-7 shots and the appearance of an appropriate system of particles along the path of the projectile was corrected
  • The shots of PG-7V and OG-7V from RPG 7 were exchanged. All holders of OG-7V shots will find PG-7V instead of it and vice versa
  • RPG-7 shot now reveals its plumage
  • The RPG-7 shot now behaves like other grenades, namely, it spreads the fragments, and does not inflict damage on the area, as it did before
  • The optical sight was removed from RPG-7 grenade launcher 
  • Grenade in a direct hit, namely - detonation of a player or a monster, realizes either all or most of the damage to the target of its hit


  • Fixed an error with the use of repair kit, because of which only one item of each type was consumed (for example, oiler, thread, pieces of cloth);
  • Impossibility to repair helmets which are hiding the head was fixed;
  • Corrected the lack of repair equipment for the NPCs that does tests for repair items that are in good condition: early unscrupulous NPCs could repair an item that did not need repair
  • Corrected absence of sound of wedging of pump shotguns
  • Corrected the calculation of the wear of shotguns of different calibers when using bullet cartridges: the wear of the strength of the weapon was different (the bullet 12x70 began to wear at the same speed as the bullet 12x76)
  • Fixed a small increase of the weight transferred after reloading the weapon with the skill of "packing"


New it the game

  • Additional information about items repair was added to the chat; 
  • An explanation regarding the folding of protection from two objects on one part of the body was added to the tooltip of the interface avatar's window; 
  • Added the ability to move the window of campfire;
  • Added the ability to move the window "put up for sale" on the Bulletin Board;
  • Setting for a list of displayed gestures was added;
  • Setting of assigned gesture keys was added;


  • The smooth of appearance of the selection or creating avatars window on the account was improved;
  • The order of messages about the number of items on the quest was changed;
  • It is forbidden now to use the exclamation point symbol for the password to enter the game;


  • The lack of information on certain subjects for the NPC;
  • Rare sticking of the icons of the objects of the backpack window after its closing;
  • Possible problems of displaying private messages when deleting text in the chat line;
  • The occurrence of an error "out of reach" when trying to divide the water purchased from the barman was fixed;
  • A rare freeze of information in the database belonging window during the capture and after its termination;
  • Change of the volume in the settings window by dragging the knob with the mouse was fixed;
  • The operation of the "Extract All" context menu in the Artifact Container was fixed;
  • Incomplete dropping of perks after entering / ichangedmymind command was fixed;
  • Absence of notice "Item was lost" when transferring merged items to the storage window was fixed;
  • Absence of localization of the word "war" in the reputation window was added;
  • Change names for newly created chat tabs was fixed;
  • Display of error in the chat when filling a full container (previously there was an incorrect message "Nothing to repair");
  • Illuminated worn-out devices was fixed: now it highlighted in red;
  • Display of unnecessary repairs in the barter window near NPC was fixed;
  • The appearance of the sounds of messages from avatars added to the black list was fixed
  • Inscription on the add button to the already created squad was fixed;
  • Message when trying to charge an already charged MGA with batteries was fixed;
  • The absence of switching the contents of different storekeepers on the first access to any of them was fixed;


Gestures and emotions:

  • Added looped gestures (for example, you can salute or stand with your arms crossed until you interrupt this action from the window of gestures);
  • Added gesture window settings
  • Gestures could beinterrupted by the [Esc] and [Space]
  • The "sitting on the ground" actions in different positions are now in the gesture window (the sitting position can only be activated when the [Num0] window is open)
  • The opportunity to sit on the backpack is removed
  • Added the ability to hide gestures in the gesture window settings
  • Added the ability to assign keys to gestures in the gesture window


  • Suspension of the position of the avatar in the air during the receipt of the damage when jumping / moving (desynchronized) was fixed;
  • Possible avatar display problems after throwing grenades was fixed;
  • Freeze of the negative effect of water retardation after regeneration was fixed;
  • Animation of an avatar after restarting the game with a stone or a grenade in the hands was fixed;
  • Lack of impact from the shooting when using the review [Alt] was fixed;
  • Getting damage to the end of the download from the previously applied effects was fixed;
  • Rotation of the avatar as during some emotion with the alt key pressed was fixed (instead of it, only the camera rotates)
  • Ability to save the jammed patron was fixed (jammed patrons must be thrown away)
  • Possible freeze of the avatar in the sitting position was fixed
  • The directionality of blood splashes on the avatar and the appearance of traces of blood on the ground was fixed
  • Tweaking of the animation of the cutting / searching in 1 second after its beginning, with the weapon in hand was fixed;
  • Display of a glare in a sniper scope from a flashlight was fixed;
  • Problems of compatibility of other actions with grenades was fixed;
  • Tweaking the position of the avatar’s body in the "walkback" when it hits a gravitational anomaly or under the influence of mutant attacks was fixed;
  • Possible disappearance of the avatar model in the game window after the actions standing with the back to the wall was fixed;
  • Possible stuck in the resting animation when going into it from the sprint was fixed;


New in the game:

  • Added a source of clean water and a campfire effect to the gold bases;


  • Added a difference in the NPC choice of animation recharge depending on the weapon;
  • Added a source of clean water and a campfire effect for the "gold" bases;
  • The possibilities of a NPC to interact with different types of weapons have been expanded. Previously they used only one type of weapon
  • As well as players, NPCs can carry weapons "behind their backs" and, if necessary, take them in hand and use
  • NPCs will throw up weapons while shooting
  • Under each weapon NPCs now select the correct recharge
  • At the time of aiming, the NPCs will stop and guide their target
  • NPCs now can shoot bursts (if it allows the weapon used), depending on the current situation
  • A message was added for the participants of the group that their NPC got dismissed because of a lack of money for their maintenance on the base account
  • You can no longer start a dialogue (interact) with dead NPCs
  • Hired guards on the bases will no longer talk to strangers
  • For the duration of the battle, the NPCs will now interrupt the dialogue and will not talk to anyone
  • Corrected the absence of names of guards at some bases leased for gold
  • Fixed the display of the names of some guards near the NPC that issuing quests


  • The abilities of Paukan have been refined: it will be difficult to kill it alone, the amount of his health is reduced
  • The levels of some mutants have been changed (it may lead to a decrease of the gained  experience if the level of the shooting character exceeds the level of the mutant)
  • Experience for the murder of Paukan, Blyaks, Bears and some other mutants was increased
  • The amount of Outcasts mutants on Tunguska became fewer, instead of it Tunguska marshes now has  small Jellies
  • The health of some Verloiks and the experience gained for their murder have been changed
  • Reduced target acquisition distance for some mutant rats
  • The spawn of mutants at an angle to the surface is corrected
  • Improved the position of mutant corpses relative to the surface: previously the position of the bodies could take very strange angles
  • Corrected the angles of the inclination of mutants, when moving along a rough terrain with complex geometry (with obstructions, inclined surfaces, steps, etc.) 
  • Fixed possible failure of dogs under the concrete slab on the Vesuvius map 
  • Corrected the attack speed of Puppies


  • The number of outcasts on the Tunguska is less now - the marshes of the Tunguska now also has some small jellies;
  • Caves on the Lyubech neighbourhoods was redone;
  • The health of some of the verliocs was changed and the experience gained for their murder have been changed;
  • Smooth weather’s change was improved;
  • Reduced the distance of examination of mutant rats;
  • The abilities of Paukan have been refined: it will be difficult to kill it alone, the amount of health is reduced;
  • The names of the water sources are changed: each has its own designation;


  • The position of all the trees that was  hanging in the air was fixed on all the maps;
  • The likelihood of mutants appearance in the buildings and rocks was reduced;
  • Possible freeze of an anomaly sound when entering a game near it was fixed;
  • Freze effect of PvP zone, allowing to shoot other stalker outside the zone of capture of bases with impunity was fixed;
  • Anomalous place in the ground at the entrance to the cave on the Ryabinushka(Vesuvius) in the square I10-3 allowing to fall under the ground was fixed;
  • Updating the flag of the base after capture for avatars that are out of the capture zone was fixed;
  • Possible ignoring of stalkers by mutants located near the point of their appearance was fixed;
  • Overlap of some objects on top of each other on the map "Station" was fixed;
  • The presence of abnormal holes in the ground at the Airport was fixed;
  • The appearance of mutants inside the stones and other geometry of the map was fixed;
  • The opportunity to climb into a closed room to the storekeeper at the station was fixed;
  • Possible appearance of traces of blood from mutants on the ceiling was fixed;
  • Problems and inaccuracies of the ground on the map "Station" was fixed;
  • Calculation of a NPC shot when shooting from shotguns was fixed: now the weapon shoots all the pellets, not only one.


New it the game:

  • The list of tasks related to the Scar NPC was amended. There was a global informational (unchangeable) quest "With a scar and in a scythe," which provides information on the movements of a mysterious stalker (those who previously received information about the Scar will need to talk to the informers again);
  • Added a new quest related to the Lithuanian and the quest "Trial of a stalker";
  • Included a few more post  New Year's assignments;
  • Tunguska now has some new quests and a new character (you can not always find him on the spot).
  • Holiday quests dedicated to the Victory Day of of May 9th are available now at Old Stalker and Hatter. The reward is significantly increased compared to the previous years.
  • Now, some NPCs will report in the dialog the exact time for retrieving the quest.
  • NPCs are now able to greet stalkers with various replicas, depending on the personal achievements of a particular stalker - reputation, completed tasks and other things. (As long as only some NPCs do this)


  • Changed the principle of triggering quests related to the killing of animals and mutants: now, to make the quest count, it is not necessary to finish the victim, it is enough to inflict to it the set amount of damage (in different cases from 20 to 80%), after the mutant dies, the task can be counted at once to several characters
  • The principle of registering the murder of Paukan and the rat king in the "Big Hunt" mission has been changed, now the murder must always work correctly
  • Retired Colonel no longer gives a recommendation, however, when recruiting a significant amount of Stalkers' reputation (27,000), he will give you the choice of other one-time bonuses (for example, reputation, experience or things). The same applies to mr. Big and the reputation of the Bandits which has their bonuses.
  • Some dialogues and quests has been changed for the "Locals" at Lyubech station.
  • Changed the principle of the quest "Not a Stooge" - artifacts are now handed separately by type
  • Changed the principle of taking quest Shake!" And "Bones" - now they are not taken together under any circumstances; 
  • The reward for the quest "Working For the Public Good" was increased
  • The award for the competition "Best hunter" and "Waste paper collector" was increased (mainly experience)
  • The NPC will no longer speak the same phrase if the player is in the same dialogue node (for example, when you need to hand over several items on the quest)
  • The quest "One Good Turn Deserves Another"  has been changed (if it is taken, but not executed, it will be necessary to cancel it and take it again)
  • Mr.Big will no longer speak with those players who have a bad reputation among the bandits


  • Display the exact time until the quest is recaptured was fixed;
  • Missing descriptions of some tasks after restarting the game was fixed;
  • Fixed bug with the quest "Scientist in a cage: mutants";
  • Fixed the quest "Mysterious riddle";
  • After quest "Gatherer of riddles" is canceled, you will no longer have to take previously performed expensive quests related to this quest;
  • A rare bug with the inability to get the quest "Getting Rid of fiends" was fixed;
  • The delivery of artifacts on the quest "Not Six" was fixed;

Other changes

  • Added the ability to move the campfire window; 
  • Improved the effect of a smooth appearance of the selection or character creation window;
  • Changed the order of messages about the number of items received on the quest;
  • It is forbidden to use the exclamation point symbol in the password for the game;
  • Changed the content of the error text in the chat when filling a full container: previously there was an incorrect "Nothing to repair";
  • Changed the inscription on the add button to the created squad;
  • Changed the message when trying to charge an already charged MDA with batteries;
  • Fixed the gearing of the icons of items in the warehouse for the mouse pointer through the package creation window;
  • Fixed the absence of the "Lost item" notification when transferring merged items to the storage window;
  • Fixed the lack of localization of the word "war" in the reputation window;
  • Fixed the names of newly created chat bookmarks;
  • Fixed illumination of worn out devices: now it highlighted in red;
  • Corrected the display of excessive amounts of repairs in the barter window of Exchanger;
  • Fixed a rare freeze of the items of the backpack window after its closing;
  • Fixed the volume in the settings window by dragging the knob with the mouse: previously the volume control was not dragged;
  • Fixed the possible lack of information on certain subjects in the NPC Exchanger;
  • Fixed possible disappearance of the exit part of the interface of the device menu in the window of the equipment of the character;
  • Fixed possible displacement of cells in the Quick Access Toolbar after restarting the game;
  • Fixed a bug with the counter icon of artifacts in the artifact container at a value of 10;
  • Fixed the appearance of the squad leader's icon when switching to other characters on the same player account;
  • Fixed some messages that appears when a player charging a device with batteries;

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