Patch from February 22, 2017


  • Quest "Noise in the Wood" from Grishkovets now available to all players;
  • New quest "Test of courage" was added into the game. You can take it from Mark in Lyubech. This quest has several options for passing. The final award depends on attentiveness and total character level (higher level of the character = better reward);
  • Award for "Slugs termination" was slightly reduced. In addition, now some other Tunguska hunting quests goes in credit for this quest.


  • Price for repair kits was changed;
  • A sewing kit was added, now you can take care of your garments;
  • Changes in the mechanic of repair kits, now it might ask you for more requested additional resources. If you won't get it, then your repairs will be  restored less % than the status. Each item has the information about what they need for repair; 
  • The requirements for the state of items have changed due an exchange with the NPC: strongly increased the threshold of the number of repairs (was 3, became 35);
  • Increased the number of "thread" item in the container;
  • To restore the body armor "Iron Rat", "Flora", "Gate", "Dragun" with the help of the drawing, now required a steel plate instead of the metal that was used previously;
  • Price of weapons from merchants was increased;
  • Added additional effect for glasses, exceptation is for Cobra glasses;
  • Added additional effect for Beret;
  • Prices for some weapons, its parts and drawings was adjusted;
  • Batteries 1.5 and 4.5 volts was removed from NPC, they doesn't sell it anymore.


  • In crafting window when placing a tick "AutoComplete" no longer need to choose the drawing again, it will autocomplete automatically;
  • In crafting window, due autocomplete  will be selected those articles, which correspond to the conditions of crafting -  itens of 100% in the number of performances. Items that have, for example, 18/20 use, won't be added into resources for crafting due the autocomplete;
  • Position of trees was fixed, those which were found hanging in the air in an area marked as "Vesuvius" , Ljubech-1, Station, Prison;
  • Added to the time offset for maps that are geographically located in different time zones, time was fixed for places that located close to each other.

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