Patchfix from February 4th, 2017

Dear players!
With this update the behavior of monsters and mobs will change, it will be even more realistic. We have improved the mechanics and animation. Now mobs and monsters will turn heads into avatar's direction. This behavior is able to add a greater atmospher to the Zone, and a sense of danger during the meeting with mutated inhabitants.
- the conditions of contest "Slugs termination" was changed (increased the number of slugs, which should be killed for the contest). Also slightly reduced the reward for the quest "Slippery Slope";
- fixed a dialogue of Belyash. Now he really takes the head of puppies of all previously issued assignments.
Other changes:
- the smooth change of weather was adjusted;
- a repair for worn armor on NPC was fixed;
- mutants selective connection to relatives was modified;
- the chances of weapons jamming with a small number of repairs and good condition was reduced.

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