Early Access Server Update 15.02.18

The Update fixes several known issues and makes changes to the various mechanics of the game.

Developer Diaries: Changes in the Safe Zones.

In today's issue we're talking about Changes in the Safe Zones System on the Early Access Server.

Update from 13.02.18

A small update fixing known issues was installed.

New Update of the Early Access Server from 09.08.18

We've installed an Update fixing a number of known issues and improving interfaces in the game.

Early Access Server update from 08.02.18

New Face Editor Feature is already live as well as other improvements!

Developers' Diaries - New Character. Face Editor

In this entry of our Developers' Diaries we're showing you a Face Editor feature, that will soon be installed on the Early Access Server.

Early Access Server server Update 25.01.18

Stalkers! The Early Access Server has been updated!

Weekend news

An interesting "Bundle" drop change for this weekend.

Live server Update 18.01.18

An update fixing most of the know quest and dialogue-related issues was installed today.

Early Access Server Update from 17.01.18

An update dedicated to the work on a New Character and fixing bugs has just been installed.

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